Writing has always been a major part of my life, even in my childhood years, I would write stories – it is always something I seem to go back to. Writing is my way of opening up and exploring the depths of my imagination and creativity. I wanted to start writing more regularly, so I decided to start a blog where I discuss my thoughts, ideas, experiences and opinions; it is a place for me to speak openly and honestly about my life and the world.

I am a BSc Film Production Technologies graduate and I am currently studying a masters in MA Writing for Script and Screen. I also work as a Digital Assistant for a GP federation based in Nottingham. Originally, I am from a small town in South Wales that you probably haven’t heard of — I decided to move to Nottingham to study at university and I fell in love with the city so decided to stay. I started blogging on and off in my first year at university, to use as an outlet and as something that separated from university and work whereby I could escape the pressures.

Posts will mainly focus on lifestyle, occasionally beauty, with relatable and chatty posts, as well as covering taboo and controversial subject matters. I am not here to set unrealistic blogging goals for myself or to be somebody I am not. I’m just here to write, have fun and, hopefully, entertain and inspire in some way.

I am also a freelance filmmaker and photographer – available to book (here) for any project and/or occasion — my YouTube channel is also linked for viewing.

Thank you all for the ongoing support!

Girl Who Writes x