23 Things I Have Learnt in 23 Years

Written by Molly O’Keefe

As I turned 23 on Wednesday, and besides drinking far too many glasses of bubbles and devouring birthday cake, I reflected on everything I had learnt and how much I continue to learn on this crazy roller coaster called life. I discovered Fanta zero tastes just as good, if not better, than regular Fanta (controversial?). I have far too many embarrassing drunken stories that the mere thought makes me cringe hard. Hangovers do get worse the older you get – surviving on an hour of sleep after a night out to attend a lecture in the morning is not the one anymore. Friends have come and gone in the same year. I’ve trusted the wrong people and stayed in relationships that should have long ended before they did. And I’ve come to realise that it’s not selfish to make time for yourself. So, here are some of the 23 things I have learnt in my 23 years.

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23 Things I Have Learnt in My 23 Years

  1. Listen to the Sunscreen song, it gives you all the advice you need to hear and some you don’t realise you need to hear until you do.
  2. Don’t feel disheartened if you don’t get the job. Take it as a learning opportunity to develop and grow in your craft. But maybe, it just wasn’t right for you either.
  3. Read, read and read some more. Reading not only provides escapism but it broadens your knowledge, vocabulary and assists our learning.
  4. Not everyone will like you, and that’s okay. You don’t have to like them either!
  5. Have savings! You never know when you’ll need to dip into that rainy day fund.
  6. Don’t fall back on your ‘fall back’ option before you’ve even tried to succeed in what you really want to do – trust yourself, take the leap of faith!
  7. It’s completely okay to change your mind, whether about a degree, a job or even plans you’ve made with your friends for a cosy night in.
  8. Don’t stay in a relationship just because you feel like you owe it to try, if it’s not working, it’s not working.
  9. Your mental health is just as important as your physical health – look after it!
  10. When buying clothes, if you don’t 100% love it, don’t buy it because, most of the time, you know it’ll sit on the hanger, untouched, for years later.
  11. You don’t have to have your whole life figured out in your twenties!
  12. Step outside your comfort zone, you’ll be grateful for it later.
  13. Never feel guilty for putting yourself first.
  14. You will lose friends, and that’s okay, we’re all continuously growing and we outgrow people.
  15. Don’t compare yourself or your life to other people’s, everyone is on their own journey.
  16. Don’t drink on an empty stomach – more often than not, it will end badly!
  17. Travel while you can!!
  18. It’s okay to quit something that really isn’t working for you, not everything will be for you.
  19. Never go to sleep in an argument.
  20. If you have a gut feeling something isn’t right, listen to it. 99% of the time, you’ll be right.
  21. It’s okay to ask for help if you are struggling, we can’t do everything ourselves.
  22. Drink a glass of water before bed after a night out – your head will thank you for it in the morning.
  23. Never live with regrets, even the bad decisions, because every decision you make, you learn from and has led you to this moment in your life.



Molly x

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