The Importance of Communication

What’s the most important thing in a relationship for you? Is it the sex, the romance, the flowers he/she brings you when they come home from work? The cute good morning/good night texts? Talking? Do you ever feel like anything is missing? Do you ever feel like sometimes you don’t talk enough or you don’t actually let each other in? Well, that’s when your relationship is lacking one of the main factors for it to work, and that’s communication. Don’t get me wrong, sex, romance, etc are important, of course they are but it’s communication that makes your bond intimate and different from any other friendship you have.

It is important to share your emotions, stress and worry with your other half. I feel like the intimacy is never fully there unless you are sharing those important emotions and thoughts – you know, the ones that keep you awake at 3 a.m. Most relationships end due to the lack of romance and forgetting to communicate. Communicating is what keeps the romance alive too, it makes your partner feel wanted and important, they know you are going to them because they are the person you trust most.

When you become comfortable, you start taking your partner for granted, and we are all guilty of this. People kid themselves, thinking that exciting, honeymoon phase at the start of the relationship will last, it doesn’t and you have to work together to keep that romance alive. Romantic love isn’t just a feeling, it’s a choice.

Women and men think differently. Women tend to be more emotional in situations whereas men tend to be more logical thinking, and this is something that causes communication breakdown. If your partner makes a comment, you may take it the wrong way and take it to heart when the comment didn’t actually mean what you thought it did. No relationship is easy, there will be bumps in the road but it takes the two people within the relationship to overcome any hurdles and carry on going.

Communicate with your partner, tell each other how you feel about things – even the little things – it is so important that you are both on the same page!

-M xo

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