My Top 5 Ideal Apps for Students!

Are you a college student struggling to stay organised? Are you struggling with the increasing workload and need a way to help yourself de-stress? Or maybe you want to save on items of clothing or food (we all know the struggle of being a poor student)! In this post, I will show you my top five favourite apps that I like to use. These selected apps have helped me while at uni, but I find they also come in handy in every day life, work, etc.

I thought I would start off with the most relevant and, for me, most important – UNiDAYS. We students know that money isn’t always no object so we’re always looking for ways to save a few £. Personally, I am always looking to save money wherever and whenever I can, and UNiDAYS is perfect for that. Are you even a student if you don’t take advantage of the discount? Always, ALWAYS use discount! UNiDAYS also has a website and is completely free to sign up to, as long as you’re a student, obviously. It offers discount on Fashion and Beauty, Lifestyle, Food, Health & Fitness, Technology and more, allowing you to make those extra little savings that, I find, as a student, go a long way. It provides discount on brands, such as Urban Outfitters, Adidas, TopShop/TopMan, Missguided, ect. If you’re one to enjoy a nice meal out with your friends, you are able to get money off at Zizzi’s, Bill’s, etc, or even picking up a quick lunch between lectures, they offer discounts at fast food restaurants also. Come on, who doesn’t just love discounted food? I know I do.

I’m unsure whether UNiDAYS is internationally accessible (I will have to find out later), however, if you are able to access this app and service then I highly recommend it. So many of my friends, and friends of friends, use it and benefit from the discounts they provide. The discounts do change now and again, so if a discount for somewhere isn’t there you may have to wait, but most brands and restaurants will be included. The codes can be used online or in store, just use the app to activate the code and it is ready to use when you are out and about shopping or dining.

The next app I use frequently and really enjoy is Headspace. Taking 10 minutes out of your day to meditate, relax and wind down is incredibly important with the amount of stress and pressure uni work puts on you. No matter how much fun you have at uni, it is very stressful and it’s important to look after your physical and mental well-being while studying for your degree. I struggle with stress and sometimes find it difficult to remain level headed in certain situations due to the amount of pressure I put on myself to do well. Whenever I feel overwhelmed, I take myself away to a quiet room and listen for 10 minutes. Before I discovered the app, I always thought “nope I don’t have any extra time to do that, I’m just so busy” but once I started taking myself away from situations and having some time for myself, I realised I felt so much better and there is always time for yourself. It is so important to look after yourself amongst the pressure, the partying, everything, to take time for yourself and make yourself number one priority. If you’re not well, you won’t be able to work to the best of your ability or do the things you enjoy, whether that be going out or joining societies.

I do appreciate that some people do not enjoy meditation and that is completely fine. There are alternatives to meditating, but the main objective is looking after yourself and having the “me time” you deserve (AND REQUIRE). The pressures of life get to us all at times but we should never allow it to consume us.

Next, we have Turboscan, an app that turns your phone into a scanner for documents, receipts, books, photos, whiteboards, and other text. In just one click, you can turn your documents into high quality PDF’s and/or JPEG’s. You can send these documents, photos, etc, anywhere, and it all goes straight from your phone. It is perfect in lectures if you need to take a quick photo of a white board that a lecturer is presenting on or sharing your lecture notes with friends/classmates. The app also allows you to connect to a printer so you can print your scans out straight away. It really does take away the hassle of having to copy and re-write notes, you can print the document and put it into your folder. Again, I highly recommend this app, especially for students, it is definitely an app I urge you all to download – it has come in handy for me on multiple occasions. Why wouldn’t you want a scanner built into their phone?

Another app that I use, and I feel is important to have is Dropbox, OneDrive or Google Drive. I personally use Dropbox, but it’s whatever works best for you, or whatever your preference is. It is incredibly helpful and so easy to use, if you need to move documents from one place to another and do not have a USB stick and it also allows me to access my documents and folders from my phone and on any computer, so they are always available to me when I need them. I also carry around a USB stick on my keys, however, if that were ever to be lost and I hadn’t backed up my work, or I didn’t have another way of accessing it, let’s just say I wouldn’t be too happy. Most of us have made the mistake of not backing up work, losing it and having to start all over again, ALWAYS BACK UP YOUR WORK!!! Dropbox helps me keep my work organised and this lifts a lot of pressure, a tidy workspace is a tidy mind.

Last, but by no means least, I do not have one specific app that I’m going to share but I suggest downloading a workout app. Like I have said previously, it’s important to look after both your physical and mental well-being, and exercising regularly is one of the ways to keep your physical self healthy and well. We all know, as students, how difficult it is keeping a 100% healthy diet – COST – so embedding a 7-10 minute workout routine into your day will assist you with maintaining a healthy body and mind. Exercise releases positive endorphin’s into your body that keep your mind happy, as well as your body. Push ups, sit ups, etc, aren’t for everybody so try and find an activity you enjoy, e.g. I like going swimming because it’s excellent cardio, I can really feel all of my muscles working while I’m doing it and that motivates me to continue.

So there are my Top 5 Ideal Apps for College Students! I really hope you download some of the apps I have suggested – excellent if you already have them – and I will be writing another post to upload tomorrow!

-M xo


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