7 Places I Want to Visit in the UK

Every Wednesday, I will be posting either a ‘Top 10’, ‘Must-See’, ‘Must-Do’, etc. list for you all. This is by no means factual, simply my opinions and personal recommendations. I understand not everybody enjoys the same things but I do hope this will appeal to some of you. My first one will be, as you can see from the title, ‘7 Places I Want to Visit in the UK’ and again, these are only a collection of places I wish to visit myself. I would love to hear recommendations if anyone has any!

In no particular order… (Although my two favourites are at the top!)

Castle Combe, Wiltshirecastle combe

Portmeirion, Gwynedd, North Wales93641bbf025eef097c3708aa2637d3de

Kidwelly, Camarthenshire, South West Waleskidwelly castlekidwelly town

Isle of Skye, ScotlandOld-Man-of-Storr

The Giant’s Causeway, Antrim44a

Polperro, Cornwall1_11

Isles of Scillyscilly-st-marys_ariel-tresco

Why these 7 places? Firstly, they are stunningly picturesque and I would love nothing more than to go with my camera and take thousands of photographs. I also wouldn’t mind using them as filming locations, can you just imagine how incredible the cinematography would be? I know Castle Combe has been used as a filming location for films, such as ‘Stardust‘ (2008), ‘The Wolfman‘ (2009) and scenes from Steven Spielberg’s ‘War Horse‘.  It is clear why this stunning, civil parish village, with buildings dating back to the 12th century, was chosen as a filming location for many Hollywood films and television programmes. Castle Combe and Portmeirion are the two favourite places on my list – I’m a sucker for beautiful architecture and quaint, photogenic villages. A part of me would love to live in either of these places, however I know that probably wouldn’t be practical. Maybe when I retire, these places will still be waiting for me.

I cannot say whether I recommend these places or not, as I’m yet to visit them myself (when I do, I’ll tell you), but if, like me, you enjoy going to see picturesque, quaint and quirky places, then maybe you should try them too.

-M xo

(Quick disclaimer: these are MY PERSONAL OPINIONS and I understand they won’t always appeal to everyone.)

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