She Means Business – My Brief Thoughts

I have recently finished reading (or listening to) She Means Business: Turn Your Ideas into Reality and Become a Wildly Successful Entrepreneur by Carrie Green. This blog wasn’t intended to be a reviewing blog, however I simply had to share my experience with this great book.

Recently, I have wanted to incorporate more routine and organisation into my day, to keep a clear mind and so I don’t find myself procrastinating different tasks. I started watching YouTube videos of female entrepreneurs; ‘Habits of a #Girlboss‘, ‘Morning Routine #Girlboss‘ and so on. Each one gave me tips and tricks on how to keep myself organised and how to be successful in the career I want to pursue. As I want a career in the creative industry – directing, producing and writing films/tv – not everything said was suitable for me but I found a way to incorporate the ideas into my chosen career path. One day, I’m hoping to set up a production company and that will involve a lot of business techniques in order for it to be as successful as I want it be. Anyway, back to the book. Through the YouTube videos, I found that nearly all of the youtuber’s I had been watching had read She Means Business and all loved it. I never usually am one to follow the crowd with things like books, films, music, etc. but this was a time I did, and I’m quite happy that I did. I downloaded the book from Audible – a site/app I highly recommend (I’ll talk about Audible in a more detailed post later) – and started reading – listening to – the book. I honestly didn’t know what to expect when I started listening as I had never heard of Carrie Green prior to youtubers recommending her book. I didn’t read the synopsis, I simply went in with an open mind and spend an entire Sunday listening to Carrie Green express her ideas, stories and experiences within the business world – I loved it!

Within the book Carrie Green gives readers an honest account, sharing her successes, failures and insight into the businesses she’s started and what it takes to start a business. Her journey was not easy and nor did she gain success overnight, it took time, years of hard work, determination and belief in herself and her business. The book contains a lot of great advice and encouragement for entrepreneurs.

Although I’m not an entrepreneur, I still found that I connected with this book – differently to how I connect with fiction novels – something resonated with me and I found myself unable to turn off the audio book. The advice Carrie shared was eye-opening and very inspiring. A week after finishing the book, I find myself reciting quotes used and my mind drifts back to take on board her advice and ambition to be successful.

I can’t say the ideas within the book are for everyone – being targeted at a female entrepreneur demographic – but I do feel a lot of people could connect with the message within her book and possibly take on some of the life advice she has shared. Carrie’s advice is coming from her own life experience, her own journey, not just out of the sky, and I found I could relate to some of the experiences she went through – maybe not entirely in a business sense but in a sense that we all run into hurdles in our lives and there are times when things get tough and all we want to do is give up, but no matter how much we want to, we must keep going. Giving up is far too easy!

Anyone who is interested in an entrepreneurial life should read this book, it should be a requirement. Even though the target demographic is female, (as I have said above) Carrie has faced the struggles we all tend to face in our life journey and everyone who is willing, will be able to take tips and advice from this novel. Not only is it incredibly motivating, but makes you feel more at ease and that anyone who is hard-working enough can start a business and be successful.

Since reading this book, I have put together action plans of my own and become far more organised than I was before, it has given me the courage to go forward with my ideas and turn them into reality. The book includes a 28 day challenge that readers can voluntarily participate in and inspiration quotes to further motivate readers, and give entrepreneurs (beginners or long-time) that added confidence boost they might need.

What I took from the book most was that you should never give up on something you love and want to do, take criticism on the chin and never let anybody tell you that you can’t do something – you can! You can’t please everybody, but you can please yourself, so do it for yourself!

I would rate this book 4 out of 5 stars!

-M xo

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