Results Day – Grades Don’t Define You

I wasn’t going to post today but considering it is A Level results day, I thought I would write some words of encouragement.

Holding that dreaded envelop, I remember the day clearly. Two years ago, I walked into college and picked up the big brown envelop that would define my future. The letters on the paper inside would determine whether I was going to my first choice university. Before I arrived, I received an email from my first choice university to say that I wasn’t going to be able to study with them. I was in the car with my parents, sister and boyfriend (at the time), and my heart sunk. Devastated was an understatement, it felt as though my future had been taken away from my right before my eyes. After initial shock, I began to panic, but my parents said wait and see what the results are first, there might be something I can do. I had heard that some people negotiate with the university if their grades aren’t far from what they were asking for.

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7 Places I Want to Visit in the UK

Every Wednesday, I will be posting either a ‘Top 10’, ‘Must-See’, ‘Must-Do’, etc. list for you all. This is by no means factual, simply my opinions and personal recommendations. I understand not everybody enjoys the same things but I do hope this will appeal to some of you. My first one will be, as you can see from the title, ‘7 Places I Want to Visit in the UK’ and again, these are only a collection of places I wish to visit myself. I would love to hear recommendations if anyone has any!

In no particular order… (Although my two favourites are at the top!)

Castle Combe, Wiltshirecastle combe

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She Means Business – My Brief Thoughts

I have recently finished reading (or listening to) She Means Business: Turn Your Ideas into Reality and Become a Wildly Successful Entrepreneur by Carrie Green. This blog wasn’t intended to be a reviewing blog, however I simply had to share my experience with this great book.

Recently, I have wanted to incorporate more routine and organisation into my day, to keep a clear mind and so I don’t find myself procrastinating different tasks. I started watching YouTube videos of female entrepreneurs; ‘Habits of a #Girlboss‘, ‘Morning Routine #Girlboss‘ and so on. Each one gave me tips and tricks on how to keep myself organised and how to be successful in the career I want to pursue. As I want a career in the creative industry – directing, producing and writing films/tv – not everything said was suitable for me but I found a way to incorporate the ideas into my chosen career path. One day, I’m hoping to set up a production company and that will involve a lot of business techniques in order for it to be as successful as I want it be. Anyway, back to the book. Through the YouTube videos, I found that nearly all of the youtuber’s I had been watching had read She Means Business and all loved it. I never usually am one to follow the crowd with things like books, films, music, etc. but this was a time I did, and I’m quite happy that I did. I downloaded the book from Audible – a site/app I highly recommend (I’ll talk about Audible in a more detailed post later) – and started reading – listening to – the book. I honestly didn’t know what to expect when I started listening as I had never heard of Carrie Green prior to youtubers recommending her book. I didn’t read the synopsis, I simply went in with an open mind and spend an entire Sunday listening to Carrie Green express her ideas, stories and experiences within the business world – I loved it!

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