First blog post

Hi, my name is Molly, I’m 20 years old and I live in England. Originally from Wales, the move from my small welsh town to a rather larger city was quite daunting. If it wasn’t hard enough leaving home to study, leaving my family, I had to also learn my way around a new place and meet new people – which at the time I was incredibly anxious about, due to suffering with severe social anxiety (more on that in later posts). However, I survived the move, living alone in a new place and I have never felt happier. The story isn’t an simple as that, I must add, but I will delve into the depths of my life in future posts no doubt, this is a brief introduction. I’m a writer and amateur filmmaker, going into my second year at university studying Film Production Technologies and currently working for a company as their videographer – an experience I am incredibly grateful for. I enjoy every aspect of my educational and working life, constantly meeting new people and making contacts that could be extremely valuable in my future career. The creative industries are very competitive and getting your foot in the door can be difficult, so making sure I’m getting my name out there and already making a name for myself is important to me.

-M xo

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